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    Nutrition and Health of Children and Families

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    Imagine you are a Preschool Teacher responsible for planning nutritious snack and lunch menus for your class.

    A description of nutritional goals for your classroom.
    Considerations that guide your menu planning process including an accommodation you may make in managing and/or meeting a young child's special dietary needs.
    Strategies to inform and engage families in the planning of nutritional meals for their children and a sample menu for home or school.

    Refer to Chapter 3, 6 & 7 of the text, one additional resource, and your own insights.

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    The nutritional goals for the classroom should involve snack time for the preschool children that seek to teach children about nutrition as well as invoke a sense of community. The primary goal is to link nutrition to healthy eating as well as the benefits that eating healthy has for the educational experiences of the children. Gathering around a table will provide a bonding experience for the children with their peers and the teacher while they learn about nutrition through participating in the process of preparing the food (Masaro, 2011).

    Because the kindergarten snack represents an integral part of a child's day wherein the snack is the beginning of the day setting the benchmark for how the day is handled by the children, much planning and thought must go into each meal. The determination of foods will be used and how they will be prepared, and when in the morning the snack will be enjoyed should be carefully included in the nutritional goals. A snack rhythm in which details snack preparation dates during the week as well as what snacks to create results in an important rhythm and routine children need at this stage of life (Masaro, 2011).

    The rhythm enables children to establish a healthy routine in their own life and physical body, gives children a sense of security, and allows them to find their place ...

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    Discusses the menu planning process from K through 12 grade.