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    Merits of Family Meals

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    I need some suggestions on how to address the importance and benefits of families eating together based on two peer-reviewed journal articles on families eating together. Discuss the importance and benefits of family meals. What are barriers to families eating together today? What could be done to support and promote increasing commitment to family meals in your family or a family you know that has children still at home? How might barriers and solutions vary, depending on the ages of the children and other circumstances of a family, including ethnic and cultural factors? What evidence has been identified in the research literature that makes family meals such an important factor in prevention of eating disturbances for children or youth? I need to give examples and support the assertions with current research.

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    Research clearly highlights the physical, social, emotional, cultural, and psychological importance and benefits of families eating together regularly. To address physical health amid the childhood obesity public health crisis, experts herald the potential protective effects of family meals (Rogers, Anderson, Dollahite, Hill, Holloman, Miller, & Gunther, 2017, p. 1).

    Experts also praise family meals and socialization merits since they are regarded as an opportunity to promote healthy child development. In sum, "more frequent family meals increased the odds of child positive social skills (OR = 1.08, 95% CI [1.02, 1.16]) and child engagement in school (OR = 1.11, 95% CI [1.06, 1.15]), and decreased the likelihood of child problematic social behaviors (OR = 0.92, 95% CI [0.87, 0.98])" (Lora, Sisson, DeGrace, & Morris, n.d, p. 577). Studies also reveal how "It is also possible that the organizational features of family meals, as part of the family routine, may provide structure, order, and predictability to the family and have an effect on health related outcomes (Fiese et al., 2012; Schuck & Bucy, 1997). ...

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