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Facilities Management and Design in Hospitality and Tourism

What are some factors to keep in mind when designing kitchen work stations? Within your analysis, draw any appropriate comparisons between residential kitchen design and that used in hospitality facilities.

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Factors to consider
Providing facilities and designing kitchen work stations require due consideration of the following factors:
1. The basic goals and objectives ( in relation to mission) of the kitchen work station
First and foremost is the reason behind the existence of the kitchen work station. This will indicate what it wants to achieve, the type of services that must be provided to achieve its goals and fulfil its mission, the facilities that must be put up, and the corresponding overall design for the kitchen.
The design, facilities and equipment, the atmosphere inside and out, and other related touches could manifest the food services and other related assistance that the kitchen provides. Indirectly, these could already indicate ...

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The solution discusses the different factors when designing kitchen work stations.