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Entrepreneurial Thinking: New Product Suggestion

Entrepreneurs typically have many ideas - not just one. Here's one way entrepreneurs come up with ideas:
- Is there a good or service that you desire but cannot readily obtain?
- Are there goods or services that are of poor quality or delivered poorly - and you could do better?

Answer one of these two questions supported by research, with the source cited.

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I've been reading "Cooked" by Michael Pollan. In the book, Mr. Pollan discusses the importance of cooking; how it brings families together, helps to develop healthy habits, and serves to sustain us. Yet, Americans are cooking less at home than ever before (EIA, 2013). This may be due to the changing dynamics of the American family or perhaps our interests and needs are changing. Also, eating out is easier than ever. However, cooking is being realized as a better option to supply the family with a nicer meal. Last week, the Wall Street Journal, pointed out that more companies are targeting "time ...

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This solution provides an entrepreneurial suggestion for a new product, based on the concept that there is a good or service that is desired but not currently available. Includes APA formatted references.