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    Is Building a Better Mousetrap Really a Key to Growth?

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    Is "building a better mousetrap" really a key to enterprise growth? Why or why not?
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    Is "building a better mousetrap" really a key to enterprise growth? Why or why not?

    To build a better mousetrap is an age old saying that relates to thinking styles of most of the organizations. This approach has two severely limiting assumptions. First is that in response to a project demand or problem, organizations assumed that the solution can be found within the technology mousetrap? Second, organizations tend to define general goals in terms of what is available in terms of solution rather than in terms of what customer needs. So, in the second case, goals are defined for addressing the "how" rather than focusing on "what". Such a way of thinking can be a big obstacle in development of new, better, and effective ways of addressing customer needs. This way does not take into ...

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    The solution discusses whether building a better mousetrap is really a key to growth.