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Building an Effective Manager-Employee Relationship

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Often interviews are conducted with existing employees when an organizational diagnoses has been deemed necessary. When interviewing various employees within a company, there may be distrust or fear of rebuttal for unfavorable responses. How would you build a new professional relationship with an employee prior to an interview?

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In the past few years, companies have realized that a building successful manager and employee relationship is equally important as building company and customer relationship. To make it work well, certain points need to be considered by managers to build an effective manager-employee relationship.

According to Biswas, A., there are various ways to develop a good relationship between managers and employees. Managers must always act as role models and at the same time, be a friend to the employees when necessary. They must be accessible otherwise, subordinates become frustrated when they aren't around when they need them. At the same time, they need to be approachable as well and be there whenever employees need to clarify things. Respect is also important. Managers can command respect from subordinates when they also show them respect as a person. Communication is important so a superior needs to be clear on what he expects out of his employees. This is crucial and a regular forum can provide this need for open communication and during this period, managers must be open ...

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