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Three Hospitality Management Questions

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1.) Describe the components of effective communication

2.) How do effective communication skills enhance manager-employee
relations? Provide examples to support your answer.

3.) Explain the relationship between ethical decision-making, financial responsibility, and maintaining a safe facility for employees and guests. Why is it important that hospitality managers understand this relationship?

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3 Hospitality Management Questions
Please help me answer with about 100-150 words each.

1.) Describe the components of effective communication
Effective communication includes the following (GroupWorks, 2011):
1) Active Listening - this is most important to actual hear what is needed, clarify what is being said, and face, body, and eyes should be listening.
2) Direct, assertive expression - state clearly and express yourself utilizing "I" in your sentences.
3) Body Language - be open to listening with your body. Supportive communication is sitting on the edge of the chair and focusing your eyes on the subject. Negative actions would be crossing your arms, looking another way, and not focusing on the subject.
4) Anger - this is normally found in group settings. Sometimes fear, pain, or frustration can result in anger. Don't ...

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