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Explain how factors will or can impact a marketing strategy

Rubbermaid sells primarily to mass retailers and home and office supply stores. Demand, changes in the economy and the ability to provide reliable and fast delivery will be the factors that will influence their purchasing decisions. As consumer's demand for the product increases, so will the retailer's demand. Interest rates charged for borrowing money directly affect the total price borrowers must pay for products. So, the interest rate will affect when, and if, they will buy. Being able to provide the product when an organization wants will also be important. However, Rubbermaid's main consumers for the new product will most likely be stay-at-home moms. Generally, the stay-at-home mom cooks more often than the working mom and is always on the lookout for new ways to do things more efficiently and cost effectively. So, cooking large quantities and storing them for later use would appeal more to her than a business executive who usually eats out. The factors that will influence her purchasing decisions would be necessity and family size and stage. More often than not she will be cooking for different ages of children who require a vastly different diet. A product that tells her and her family members how old something is in the refrigerator will definitely help her to store multiple meals for different family members and cut down on waste. This will help her to manage her budget more efficiently and free up time for her to spend doing less mundane tasks with her family members.

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1) The economy

This is one of the major factors that will impact your strategy. In more prosperous times, people ate out more, did more take out, and were not concerned with food going to waste. In today's tight economy, things are now different. You got to make every penny count.
Your product will appeal to stay-at-home moms for many reasons
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