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Marketing research approach to develop the marketing strategy

Need help coming up with the marketing research approach to develop the marketing strategy.

The specific areas to cover for this is the consumer analysis, 1) demographics 2) Psychographics 3) Behaviors (e.g. purchase behaviors), 4) Geographical considerations. And then the Industrial analysis, 1) competitor analysis. Looking for written ideas that encompass the specifics listed and an explanation to grow and expand on.

Here's what I have brainstormed: Organization: KinderCare Learning Centers
New Product: Daycare that caters dinner for parents when picking up their children

Relevance: KinderCare already serves nutritious meals at the daycare center, but for those extremely busy working parents it would be nice to pick up your children and a nutritious dinner at the same time? KinderCare Learning Centers are currently located in 38 different states in the United States and has approximately 1,700 community-based care centers. This company reaches many families, and a service such as catered dinners at a low additional fee to the normal tuition depending on the size of family, could potentially reach a large customer base.

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This is a very interesting concept!! Let us expand on what the hypothetical consumer would look like in terms of a CONSUMER ANALYSIS:

1) Demographics:

Some demographics in my opinion might not be the factor that would really allow us to segment our population, since I think that this service may be of interest to people in many different demographics.

Age: I think the both older and younger parents would be interested in purchasing dinners from the daycare. Perhaps even grandparents who pick the grandkids up would want to pick up dinner for their children to elevate the 'mad rush' that occurs after work

Gender: Once again, I think that both genders would be equally likely to purchase the meals

Income level: Depending on the cost of the meals, this might be interesting for people of all income levels. The company info states that the dinners will be available at a low additional fee, which would attract people in the lower income level. But even people who are middle income or even higher income would be inclined to purchase the meals

Demographics that might be of interest to look at:

Type of work: This might be one interesting area to look at. I think that in household where both parents work full time, having a healthy meal available for them to pick up would be interesting. They have significantly less time then a family where one parent does not work and would subsequently have time to cook a meal for dinner.

Household size: This also might be interesting. If a family has 3 or more kids, perhaps the parents feel overwhelmed preparing large dinners every ...

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Marketing research approach to develop the marketing strategy is examined.