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Performance Based Objectives and Instructional Strategies

Just need your guidance with these Instructional Strategies.

Instructional Strategies:

I would love to have an even flow, and instructional strategies to reflect one's PBO's. One of my biggest goals in instructional strategies is to make sure I try to add every type of learning style in it to address everyone. I know it's impossible to do sometimes, but to leave room for slightly changing something to fit the class for me would be a great strategy.

My topic or class is Business Class Training. It is for employees to learn how to handle the business class customer and all his/her needs. Whether it be from meetings to staying in town for professional reasons. It's a face to face class only because of the hands on training included.

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It is very difficult to determine an instructional strategy that will work for an entire group as no two learners know the same thing or learn at the same pace. Because of this, writing this program is very ambitious! But I think I can help you with at least determining what you need for the program.

You also did not provide many specifics about what your course will cover and the type of students who would enroll in it. So I am going to tell you first what you will need to make this successful, then if you want to post the specifics, we can try to develop the application together.

A possible PBO for this is:

Through face-to-face instruction and hands-on learning, students will learn how to handle the ...

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