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    First Day of School Rules and Guidelines.

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    I need some help coming up with some rules, procedures and guidelines to be introduced on the first day of school. I would specifically like help with middle grades and it should be based on real life teaching experience.

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    Middle School Classroom Management Tips/Things to Consider at the Beginning of the Year:

    In my twelve years of teaching, I have learned a few things that have been beneficial to me in achieving an efficient and smooth-running classroom. I explain to the students that all of these guidelines are put into place because part of my job is to create the best possible learning environment and that I take that part of my job very seriously. My personal belief is that proper management and structure is an integral part of being an effective teacher. Without a plan, content takes a back seat and students have a difficult time reaching their full potential. I hope my ideas help you in developing your own that match your teaching philosophy and style. I teach 7th grade science, so some things will vary depending on your grade level and subject area.

    I usually spend the better part of the class period going over these guidelines the first two days of school. In addition, we play a review game (on the CPS) to first Monday back to see what they remember. Additionally, any time during the year when we miss more than 3 consecutive days, we take a few minutes and review (fall break, Christmas break, spring break, etc.).

    Specifically at the first of the year, to try and keep it more interesting, I mix in a few get to know you activities that require physical movement from the kids. This keeps their brains activated and helps them stay engaged. We are a lab-based class and do many activities, so it is well worth the time to set down a strong foundation and stick to everything on this sheet. I was "teacher of the year" last year at my school, so I believe this works!

    General Procedures and Expectations
    - Bellwork begins class everyday and the questions and answers are written in your science ...

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    This solution offers specific and practical guidelines for students on the first day of school, based on a veteran teacher's experience. It is geared toward middle school, but can easily be adjusted for a higher or lower grade. Solution contains 1000+ words of information.