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Classroom Management

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What are some guidelines that would be helpful to a teacher when developing rules, routines and procedures for class management?

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This solution is highly informative and explains essential guidelines to help a teacher develop effective rules, routines and procedures for classroom management.

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1. What are some of the guidelines that would be helpful to a teacher when developing rules, routines and procedures for class management?

Several authors have prepared guidelines for establishing classroom rules, routines and expectations (see Chernow& Chernow, 1989; Levin & Nolan, 1991; Medland & Vitale, 1984). Although these authors make minor distinctions, each of these authors suggest that to be effective rules should be:

· Short
. Few in number
· Countable (i.e., measurable)
· Reasonable
· Enforceable
· Positive
· Specify definable behaviors

However, as noted by many authors, many paradoxes are inherent in these guidelines for rule construction and, therefore, most teachers opt to have a few general rules, and perhaps one or two specific rules that are near and dear to their hearts (Reekie et al., 2000). While these guidelines are helpful, some of the paradoxes are listed below:

· Balancing the tension between stating rules positive and at the same time keeping them short. There is little argument that the rule "Speed Limit: Walking" is more positive than "No running in the school." However, rules such as "No Smoking" are difficult ...

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