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Assessments in the Teaching of Reading

Consider the importance of using a variety of assessments in the teaching of reading. Create a chart that identifies various types of informal, formal, formative, and summative assessments (e.g., DRA, running records, DIBELS, etc.) used to assess children's reading abilities. Compare and contrast a minimum of five assess

Deficit Theories and Low Socio-Economic Standing/School Performance

Theorists warn against the continued use of deficit theories to connect low social-economic standing to failure in school. They have left a lasting mark on schools. Identify a student from a low socio-economic status who is not succeeding. How much of that failure is due to forces beyond his or her control and a mismatch betw

The Misuse of Cellphones

1. Describe the problem- in this case, the misuse of cellphones. 2. Propose a solution to this problem and describe how your proposed solution would work to reduce the misuse of cellphones. 3. Address two objections that are related to your proposed solution. 4. Show how the solutions would work, despite the objections that

Different Training Methods for Different Learner Types

Do you believe that different learners respond differently to various training methods? Do some learners respond better to group training and some better to individualized training? Describe the circumstances of a training experience you did not feel was beneficial. Do you feel it was because of the training method or your motiv

Learner Objectives and Stimulating Learning

Using a hierarchical pattern of learner objectives, like Bloom's taxonomy, what types of activities and outcomes are likely to stimulate learners to be critical thinkers, capable of analyzing and applying principles to practice?

Tools for Online Educators

1. As an online eductor/facilitator/teacher, which tech tools would you use in teaching, which have allowed for the most engaging experiences for you in terms of concept mastery, and how would you ensure that all students in your class can use the chosen tools? 2. Hall & Hord (2007) discusses the importance of addressing the

Perspectives on Death and Dying

Your post should be 500 words and have the following two parts: Summary of the Interview Include the following in your summary: -Describe the position of the individual that you interviewed and how that relates to both long term care of the elderly and end of life issues. -Identify how the caregiver takes into considerat

Theoretical Perspectives on Teaching Reading

Since the 1980s, differing theoretical perspectives on teaching literacy have been proposed. In addition to the readings, research a minimum of three articles that you can use to support your analysis. Please analyze and state the major themes, issues, and influences derived from these perspectives. 1. Relate these perspectives

Consider the constructivist and explicit instruction views of teaching reading.

Consider the constructivist and explicit instruction views of teaching reading. Develop a chart that compares and contrasts the two views. Include two to three reading activities for each philosophy and two to three assessments that correlate with each philosophy. Write a summary essay of 1,000 words in which you describ

Legal and Ethical Issues with Using Technology in an Adult Classroom

Consider legal and ethical issues, such as intellectual property, copyright, fair use, and privacy policies that the organization must address when implementing the modernized system. Create 10 questions and answers that address the legal and ethical issues when using technology in an adult classroom. Note: Questions can

Physically Active Personal Experience

I would like your input and thoughts on discussing your own experiences that do or do not reflect you are a physically active person. If you are an active adult, which factors do you contribute to your success by integrating physical activity into your lifestyle? If you are not physically active, what are the barriers to you bei

Captivating Adult Learners

A challenge to using web or podcasts for teaching purposes could be the lack of creativity in the design or delivery. If the material is not captivating enough to hold the attention of the participants, they will not learn the material presented. Is "captivating" a relevant factor in terms of holding participants' attention i

Learning Comparison: Web 2.0 Technologies

Learning Comparison: Web 2.0 Technologies Compare aspects of asynchronous and synchronous learning. The comparison must include differences in facilitation strategies. Why your choice is appropriate for the subject matter?

First day of school welcoming activity

Imagine it is the first day of school and you are welcoming a whole new set of students to class. Create your own welcoming activity for the first day of school that demonstrates how you will incorporate differentiation through a growth mindset. You are not limited to any particular format, but you must address the following: 1

ADDIE Model and Instructional Needs

The analysis stage of the ADDIE model is essential in determining if an instructional need exists and if that need can be bridged by an instructional intervention. While a comprehensive front-end analysis is often needed, there may be times when a simple needs assessment will suffice to identify the instructional need. First, d

Synchronous Learning and Retaining Students

Do you have examples of institutions that use synchronous learning and their success in retaining students? Many online students need the flexibility of signing on when their schedules permit.

ELL Learner Standards and Progress

1. How can the Arizona or TESOL English learner standards be used as a guide for differentiating instruction for various levels of ELLs? 2. How can data from various sources relating to the learners' progress be used as a tool to drive the standards-based instruction? 3. How do the varieties of standards available to teach

Misbehavior of Children in Physical Education Class

Explain the role you as the teacher play in shaping and controlling student behavior. How do policies, procedures and routines impact behavior? Write a list of common actions of children who misbehave in physical education class. Describe the emotional/social constraints that may be attributed to these behaviors. Provide both

Critically Evaluate an Empirical Article

How do you critically evaluate an empirical article and how does the information from the article fit to support a doctoral journey? Why is this skill important to doctoral studies?

Physical Education

Identify research articles that pertaining to at least two issues that impact quality of Physical Education in either a positive or negative way.

The Internet and Synchronous Learning

Discuss the tools that synchronous learning utilizes and their effectiveness compared to traditional, in-person classroom tools. Additionally, discuss the role the Internet has played in developing synchronous learning.

Integrating content curriculum in physical education

Hi, Debbie, I need your help and thoughts on this. List and discuss strategies teachers should use when integrating content curriculum in physical education. Explain one strategy or activity that can be used to integrate Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies into physical education (there should be four separate

Games in an Instructional Environment

What is the proper use of games in an instructional environment? In a technology for the adult learners type class, share one game, which you feel is instructional, challenging, and worth including in any such class.

The Importance of Literature Review

Describe and emphasize the importance of the literature review. Is the literature review important to sound research or simply a formality? Why?

Anayzing Literature Reviews

Drawing upon what you learn from any literature review reading, briefly explain the purpose of a literature review. Is the literature review important to sound research or simply a formality? Why?

Comparing and Contrasting Physical Education Equipment

Think back to when you were a child and reflect on the facilities, equipment and supplies you used for physical education. If you have a park or school in your area, compare and contrast what you used to what is available now. If you have children of school age, compare and contrast to what they use. How have things changed? Are

Think Back to Your Primary and Secondary School Experience

Think back to when you were in school. Did you wonder how the topics were chosen for your class? Did the teacher choose the topics or did the school district choose? How has curriculum development changed since you initial school experience (in the late 80's early 90's)? Compare and contrast what is the same and what is now diff