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    Community Resources for Breastfeeding Mothers

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    Hi, I need some assistance discussing the topic of community resources that are available for breastfeeding mothers. I need to provide in-text citations and references, but I am struggling to find valid information.

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    Dependent upon the community, various resources are available for breastfeeding mothers. As I am here in New York City, it will be easiest to provide examples of resources that are available here in my city, since I'm not sure what community you live in.

    The first resource that is available to most mothers is support within the hospital setting in which they give birth. For the majority of mothers who give birth in a hospital, there is help. This may first include a lactation consultant who is ...

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    This solution helps guide students towards various community resources available to breastfeeding mothers in New York City. It provides a number of links to the source websites.