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Developing Instructional Sequences

Rene teaches at a Kindergarten in Baltimore Maryland. Most of the students in his class are African-American and the school itself is located downtown Baltimore. With Thanksgiving approaching, Rene wants to devote time in class to the history of Thanksgiving and how the holiday relates to American history. On one specific day o

Developmental milestones: Birth to age one

Write a short story about a child's journey from birth to age one. This can be a fictional child, or can be based on a real child. What does the child hear, do, and see early on? At what age do each of those senses progress and become more evolved? How so? At the age of 6 months, what can this same child hear, see, and do?

Assessment based instruction

Just need your guidance and input. Examine assessment-based instruction. Use research to explore assessment-based instruction (a minimum of three sources). Based on your research address the following: a. Describe the key components of assessment-based instruction. b. Explore how assessment has changed instructio

Informal/Formal/Portfolio Assessments

Compare and contrast informal and formal assessment. Be certain to discuss the goals, strengths, and weaknesses of each kind of assessment. Wherever possible give examples. Discuss portfolio assessment. In your essay address the uses of portfolios as well as the advantages and disadvantages of portfolios.

The Nature vs. Nuture Argument

The debate concerning the influence of inherited traits and abilities compared to the influence of environment on human development has been argued for decades. In this discussion, we will be debating nature vs. nurture. I am debating as a proponent of nature. Could you please help me to prepare some points to help argue

Writing a Statement of Purpose

Four questions I partly answered for college admission to give you a ideas my thoughts. 1. In at least 150 words describe your main academic interests, academic strengths, and academic limitations at this time. Explain any special circumstances you feel should be considered in the application process: The location and the op

Comprehension of Narrative, Expository, and Poetic Texts

Compare and contrast the instructional strategies you have used to aid comprehension of narrative, expository, and poetic texts. What makes one strategy work with one type of text but not with another? This is just a discussion question so I don't have to have huge amounts of information. I some assistance though because I do

Parent Handbook to Promote Literacy

I really need help with this week's assignment. Your principal has tasked your teaching pod with the development of a "parent handbook" that can be used at Back to School Night to help promote an at home/school partnership in literacy. Create two activities that will contribute to the development of vocabulary. For e

Lesson Frameworks, Student Achievements and Learning Strategies

Please provide some assistance generating ideas for the following questions: - What is a successful lesson framework composed of? How would this framework vary between two different content areas? - Why is it important to consider the background of the students and possible assessments used when designing a lesson? How does

Breastfeeding Health Assessment

You are the registered nurse performing a health assessment on a newborn infant. From the functional health pattern portion of the assessment, you learn the mother is reluctant to breastfeed her baby. One of the most important aspects of health promotion in the infant is nutritional status. At this time, you take the opportunity

Using the Behavorist Model for a Lesson Sequence

Janet is a Kindergarten teacher in Texas. As part of her unit, Janet decides to concentrate on visual literacy and the students' ability to recognize state and national symbols. She decides to focus on flags, with the state flag of Texas and the United States flag as the center pieces. As part of her learning objectives, she wan

Local, State, and National Public Policies and Clinical Mental Health Services

Discuss the role of the CMHC in both providing and seeking professional consultation. Give a few examples of times when a CMHC might be asked to provide consultation as well as times when a CMHC is likely to seek professional consultation. Discuss how the policies of professional, governmental, and accrediting organizations i

The Roles and Functions of a Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Using information from peer-reviewed journal articles that you find, discuss the roles and approaches used by clinical mental health counselors across a range of mental health delivery systems. Discuss the impact that public policies have on the roles and responsibilities of clinical mental health counselors working in divers

How are the social science disciplines related?

Describe 6 social sciences. Explain how these six individual disciplines are related. Describe the decision-making process and explain how and why it fits within the study of social studies.

Interdisciplinary Instruction and Positive Student Development

How does interdisciplinary instruction promote positive student development? In your discussion, present at least two areas of possible student growth that can be positively impacted through interdisciplinary instruction. Give specific examples wherever possible. Compare and contrast traditional instruction in social studies wit

What was Reaganomics?

1. What was Reaganomics? Describe Reaganomics and discuss one economic policy or initiative as an illustration of Reagan's economics. Did Reaganomics work? 2. According to one historian, Reagan practiced "the politics of symbolism." Using specific examples, discuss the symbolism of President Reagan and how it was displayed in

Graphic Organizer for Reading Comprehension Teaching Strategies

For a minimum of five reading comprehension teaching strategies, develop a graphic organizer for each strategy that would support student learning. 1. Each graphic organizer will support the comprehension strategy being used. 2. Design the graphic organizers around a specific story and strategy. 3. Include a summary of

Performance Assessment and Rubric

Create a performance assessment for students at a truck driving school. Include the following components: 1. A performance assessment description that provides step-by-step instructions using learner friendly language 2. An original rubric created to evaluate the learners' performance on the assessment.

Pre, Post, and Benchmark Testing

Please help with the following problem. Pre, post, and benchmark testing are great ways to evaluate instruction. Why is comparing and contracting the best?

Movitation, Reinforcement, and Retention

Could you hep me start on this assignment please? How do motivation, reinforcement, retention, and transferability interact to promote success in the adult learning process and behavioral outcomes? In developing your answer, include information from a variety of sources obtained through your readings for the week and/or add

Resource List for Planning Curriculum

Compile a resource list of at least six to eight resources that may be used to support the planning of curriculum/learning activities for young children. Many of you have listed websites that you have used to complete your discussions. This is the kind of resource material you would need in a resource file. Look for websites tha

Children's Literature and Learning

Quality children's literature is recognized as a "teaching tool" for fostering young children's learning. For this discussion, please share the titles of three (3) of your favorite children's books which you feel foster understandings of social/emotional concepts in young children. Include a brief summary of the book's content a

Oral Presentation Grading Criteria

1. What are two examples of irrelevant grading criteria? What makes the criteria irrelevant? 2. Assume that, as an instructor, you have tasked learners with developing and delivering a midterm oral presentation. Assuming there are 100 total points possible for the course, what method do you use to evaluate the presentation? H

Strategies to Build Culture

Strategies to Build Culture: Select a strategy that can be used for building relationships within an educational or work setting. After selecting this strategy, use the Ashford University Library databases to locate two articles that focus on using this strategy in either the classroom or in a professional development setting

Speech Analysis

There are a list of speeches available on this web site under "Speeches to Watch". Choose one (or more ) of these speeches and write 3 pages that describes the speech itself, the speaker, the effective speaking techniques and any improvements that could be made to the speech itself. Students should demonstrate their knowledge of

Public Speaking Definitions

1. Define (a) line graph, (b), pie graph, (c) bar graph and (d) pictogram. 2. Define rhythm. 3. Define concrete words. 4. Define (a) analogy, (b) contrast, (c) metaphor and (d) simile. 5. What are some guidelines for using language effectively? 6. Define (a) assonance, (b) anaphora, and (c) alliteration. 7

Political Commentator Interview

Interview Choose from the following options: Option 1: Reagan Remembered Interview Conduct an interview with someone who remembers Ronald Reagan and the 1980s. • Identify someone who would be willing to share their recollections with you. • Arrange the interview at least several days in advance to allow your in

Juvenile Justice Reform Speech

Help me prepare a speech on juvenile justice reform. You must use Monroe's Motivated Sequence and the Persuasive Outline guide posted online to develop your ideas. There should be a clear introduction, transitions and conclusion in the speech. The conclusion should include a specific request of tangible action from the audience

Data warehouse and business intelligence

Data warehouse and business intelligence In preparing a response, you may wish to think about questions such as: What are the differences among database and data warehouse? What are the data warehouse technologies? Relationship between data warehouse and business intelligence