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Planning for Classroom Differences

How does differing demographics affect planning, instruction, classroom management, assessment, achievement, and expectations?

How does the climate and culture of the school affect the student teaching experience?

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Every class is different so cookie cutter designs will always have to be adjusted to fit the current situation. A teacher in rural, poverty based district will not choose to have the studetns create models of the solar system with items purchased by the student. The teacher would have to be creative with materials that are easily accessible to the students, either from home or school so as to not cause the student distress which result in incompletion. The teacher that has a group of children that exhibit behavior issues is not going to plan a day taking the students to a dark theater.
Different communities have different cultures and protocols that the teacher must consider when creating lessons. One particular district had a culture that did not allow any lessons that incorporated religious overtones. If a ...

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Managing every classroom will be different. There are different cultures, learning abilities and state mandated requirements that the teacher must consider when creating lessons. Many veteran teachers have their lesson plans set from year to year where all they have to do is pull the materials. Well that's how it appears. Nothing is ever that easy in education. Every group of students and social environment is different. Different administrators and state requirements are ever changing. Being a highly adaptable teacher by researching the requirements for each group will lead to a more successful lesson.