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Case Study: Student Disengaged During Lessons

Louis is working 5 weeks into the school year at a high-need school, the he notices that one of his fourth grade students is consistently disengaged during lessons. He rarely answers questions, and when teacher call on him, he typically shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know." Even when other students are engaged, the teacher often finds him looking out the window or putting his head down on his desk. The assessments show that the student is well-below grade level in reading and mathematics. To address this situation, Louis arranges a meeting with the student and his mother after school.

I need help with these questions:

1- What academic outcomes does the teacher expect for this student?
2- What messages will the teacher share with the student and his mother?
3- Are there any other steps that the teacher could take outside of this meeting to address the situation?

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You asked:

1- What academic outcomes does the teacher expect for this student?
The teacher expects that the student will employ the strategies taught to him by the teacher to move closer to on-level work. The teacher should be realistic and understand that Louis is showing signs of a lack of comprehension for what is going on. When a child is below level, the information ...

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