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Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA)

How would you prepare to discuss a student's AZELLA results with an ELL coordinator at the student's school? If the student scored low in speaking, how would you plan on incorporating that skill in your daily routine, lesson design, and delivery?

Cross Cultural Competency to Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Please help me get started with these questions. 1. Describe cross-cultural competency and its importance in a mentor-mentee relationship. 2. Describe The Big Four framework for instructional coaches and the importance of each, as well as their relationship to one another.

Utilizing The 16 Habits of Mind

In what ways might you utilize the 16 Habits of Mind to support and guide others? Which might be difficult to employ and why?

Unit of Instruction

I have to use my target group/unit to create a complete set of learning goals/outcomes for one unit of instruction. I have to use Bloom's Taxonomy for reference in creating outcomes. I then must present and justify your goals and how they will align to the six facets of understanding.

Childhood psychology in school

Several weeks ago, the Smith family enrolled their four-year-old son, Trevor, in the Cute Kiddies Early Education Center. Trevor's teacher, Mrs. Jones, has observed that Trevor does not like to participate in activities that involve running, climbing, jumping, or more than minimal physical movement. When presented with toys such

Cooperative Learning and Group Work

-Discuss the differences between cooperative learning and group work in teams. -Brainstorm ideas for a variety of activities that can be done in cooperative learning groups. -Create a short cooperative learning activity for a 1-hour class session in a specific grade and subject area of your choice. -Consider the format, desi

Classroom Teacher Interview

Interview a classroom teacher or a student teacher with experience in a content area or a grade level in which you do not have experience. Determine what effective teaching strategies the teacher implements in his or her lessons for all students. Focus your interview questions on the following: -Modeling a skill or a co

Intercultural Management

Opportunities and Challenges of Workplace Diversity: Theory, cases and exercises (2nd Edition) Kathryn A. Canas and Harris Sondak Perason Education, Inc., publishing Prentice Hall, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 1. In Opportunities and Challenges of Workplace Diversity, pages 7-11 of Chapter 1 compare seven definit

Safety in the Classroom

Discuss at least two strategies and/or activities that you can implement into your curriculum to ensure that children know what safety is, how to appropriately use equipment, and how to remain safe in the learning environment. How will you use these activities to ensure your learning environment is safe? Use specific examples.

Development of Estrada Courts Housing

Please help me discuss the Estrada Court Hispanic community in Los Angeles California, including the people, the geopolitical or phenomenological features of the location, types of social interactions, common goals and interests, barriers and challenges.

Literary Genres and Social Studies

a) Explain how the literary genres of historical fiction, biography, and picture books can build students' historical and geographical knowledge and understanding. b) Explain the rationale behind teaching social studies through integrated thematic units.

Optimal Brain Development

Discuss your role as a teacher or caregiver in a child's life in terms of promoting optimal brain development through exposure to various experiences. Give three examples of appropriate stimulation (activities) you can employ in the classroom or daycare center to promote learning. How can you include activities outside the clas

The Importance of Advocates for Healthcare

1. What is the difference between a group at risk for poor health and a group considered a vulnerable population. Provide an example of a group at risk and a group considered a vulnerable population. 2. Explain why members of these groups cannot advocate for themselves or why advocating for these groups would be beneficial.

Language Acquisition Timeline

Create a timeline or a chart that includes at least 10 significant milestones that define students' primary and secondary language acquisition from birth to 18 years. Include a description of how sociocultural factors can affect achievement of milestones of first and second language acquisition. Describe an application of

Repeated Practice ideas for various subjects/ages

What techniques provide students with opportunities for repeated practice and use? Match these techniques to three specific content areas and grade levels. Why are your practice and use techniques appropriate choices for the selected content areas and grade levels? Explain.

Partnership for 21st Century Learning

Review the Partnership for 21st Century Learning Framework. What do you believe would impact the learners in your classroom the most? What is your responsibility to your students and yourself with regard to this framework?

Measuring Individual Attributes and Team Cohesiveness

I need help deciding on the team's collective strengths and areas that must be developed. For each team member, a goal that will facilitate development of one attribute of a coach or mentor must be identified. TEAM MEMBER 1 The Ethical Reasoning Inventory: 60-89 (scored 87) - Show's an average degree of ethical awareness

16 Habits of Mind

What are your thoughts, in any of the following elements that you think need improvement? 16 Habits of Mind as follows (Refer to 1) Define the 16 Habits of Mind a) Developed by Costa and Kallick b) Focus on how to behave intelligently when the answers are not

Hazardous Playground Equipment

Read the article in Web Links entitled CPSC Confirms Safety of Soft-Contained Playgrounds under the Soft-Contained Playground topic. Provide your thoughts, with examples or references for the following questions: 1. The report identifies 2 hazards - sliding into ball pools and jumping off of the mountain climb. Do you fee

The Foundations of SEI

Identify one major legal event and one major historical event that led to the implementation of SEI instruction in the classroom? Include a brief discussion of how SEI has changed education practices? Incorporate discussion on how culture impacts the implementation and the results of these changed practices. Address how you see

English Language Learners program benefits in a school system

What aspects of the English Language Learners program support effective school/community/home partnerships? How can you improve an English Language Learners program in a school system by conducting research online, by phone, or in person? What improvements or additions would you make to the English Language Learners prog

Cognitive Coaching and 16 Habits of Mind

1. How does cognitive coaching support the roles and responsibilities of the coach or mentor? 2. How can the 16 Habits of Mind be used to help teach and guide pupils? Which of these habits might be difficult to employ?

Mentor Qualities

From your personal and professional opinion, do you think some people are just gifted as a coach or mentor? Can a person just work hard at it and be as successful? Who was your first mentor in your life and why would you consider this person your mentor? What mentor qualities did this person possess?

Enrollment Process for ELLs

How does the student enrollment process at your school, or at a school with which you are familiar, support key mandates of current ELL laws? What accommodations in accordance with the current law and best practices are made during this initial and often stressful encounter for families who do not speak English? In your response

Personal Characteristics of Good Coaches

Hi Just need you input with these 2 DQs. What personal characteristics might make you a good coach or mentor? What is your understanding of the phrase walking the talk? Provide examples.

Geriatric patient health assessment

Describe the elements of a comprehensive health assessment of a geriatric patient. What special considerations should the nurse keep in mind while performing this assessment?