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DPE And Goal Instruction

Discuss diagnosis/prescription/evaluation and analyses of goal instruction, including the implementation and development of goal instruction for students, with a teacher of students with intellectual disability (ID). What role do such procedures play in the daily class?

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As you know, special education students need to be treated individually. This is the basis behind the IEP. Intellectually disabled, students, require even more individualized assessment. This is the basis behind the diagnostic/prescriptive/evaluation (DPE) technique of helping ID students get the care that they need. The DPE process can help a team of special education professionals and other stakeholders involved in the life of an ID student identify the abilities of individual students and the propose certain achievement levels for each of the selected goals that are put into place.

Basically, the process of diagnosis/prescription/evaluation is designed to "Provide a means to plan, teach, and measure learning ...

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