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    Facilitating Organizational Change and Performance

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    Organizational change can be difficult, and may be resisted by some, but must be managed effectively to facilitate organizational performance.

    Please help me answer (on a graduate level) the following questions:
    1. What are certain critical HR functions should remain internal to the organization?
    2. How is instruction used as a performance intervention?
    3. What are some different approaches to align business in growing organizations?
    4. In what situations would each approach be used? Use specific examples.
    5. How can an HPT professional help organizations effectively communicate between the management and production?

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    1. What are certain critical HR functions should remain internal to the organization? ?

    Many HR functions can be outsourced but certain items should remain internal to an organization. One item that is key is working with management to help develop long-term strategies for the growth and development of the organization. Another item that is important is the monitoring of employee relations and performance. This includes coordinating training and monitoring programs to develop employee skills. Training could be outsourced but it is important for HR to be aware of the company's needs. HR should also monitor workplace safety and compliance issues. This would include federal and state laws regulating benefits, compensation, worker's safety, equal opportunity legislation, and sexual harassment and discrimination. It is key for HR to be involved in these integral parts of the operation in order to monitor and protect the organization.

    2. How is instruction used as a performance intervention?

    Instruction is used as a performance intervention by aiming to improving capabilities. Instruction, through training and education, helps to facilitate learning to meet a particular goal. Wile identified 'seven sources of performance shortfalls: 1) inherent abilities, 2) skills/knowledge, 3) physical environment, 4) tools, 5) cognitive support, 6) incentives, and 7) organizational systems' (Moenda, Russell, 2005). Thus, instruction can be used to improve performance when employees lack specific knowledge or skills to do the job. This is only one part of the equation but it is important. Instruction is also useful when workplace systems/hardware/software are upgraded, when there are shifts in operating procedures, or capabilities must be improved to handle a task. Instruction can be used as a performance ...

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    This solution discusses critical HR functions that should not be outsourced, how instruction can be used in increase performance, different techniques to align business in growing companies, and in what situations each approach would be used, with specific examples given. It also discusses how a HPT professional could help organizations communicate better between management and production. APA formatted references are included.