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Comparing Two Universities

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I am writing a 1300 word paper comparing and contrasting two open universities Bangledesh open university(BOU) and (Unisa) University of South Africa. I need the following on each mission and population served, history/reason for existence, values espoused/inherent to the institution, organization/systems of operation, model of teaching and learning, and technologies used.

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The expert compares and contrasts two open universities Bangledesh open university(BOU) and (Unisa) University of South Africa.

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Hello and thank you for posting your research request at Brainmass.

I hope that this information assists you as you think about these distance education programs for your essay.
The information you seek is largely available on their official websites.
I have included some URLs so that you can double check and include in your bibliography, if you cite any of these materials.

In brief:
-Bangladesh Open University (BOU) and (UNISA) University of South Africa both serve to promote learning by distance education.

-BOU's instruction spans a wide range of formats, acknowledging the fact that not all potential learners have access to internet and computer technology. This form of accessibility is extremely valuable for those living in remote areas, or those who do not have a computer/internet.

-UNISA boasts a long history of distance learning, but it appears that its mode of instruction requires internet access. This creates an economic barrier for some prospective learners.

Bangladesh Open University

Mission/Population served
As a public university devoted to distance learning, it serves the greater population of the nation, with a particular focus serving those living in communities that do not have other opportunities to pursue higher learning.

History/reason for existence
History of distance education <http://www.bou.edu.bd/home.php>
-Bangladesh Open University was established in October 1992 when the government passed the ...

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