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Integrating math into other subject areas

I am looking for a few ways to integrate math concepts into various subject areas. I want to use Pi Day (March 14) specifically. Please help me come up with a list of 4-5 ideas for activities that could be done on this day in other classes, not just in math. I am really looking for "tried and true" ideas that someone with teaching experience has successfully used.

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Here are some ideas I have used in my teaching. The last idea is the one I liked the best. The kids were actively engaged in finding out the answers and enjoyed checking themselves to see if they were correct. It started out on Pi Day, and the kids enjoyed it so much they asked to continue working on it for the entire week! It was great for those kids who needed an enrichment/challenge and ...

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Solution provides an example of a cross curricular lesson that can be modified for virtually any grade level. Ideas are provided for multiple subject areas around a common theme.