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Agents Of Socialization

Children thrive on routine! What if a parent doesn't implement structure and boundaries? What can the outcome be. Siblings are a great socializing agent. What is the sibling relationship isn't healthy? What impact can that have? How would you as a parent, work to correct it? I remember floppy disks too! My family got I believe one of the first computers the Commodore 64 and it only played games! It was huge! What if a child doesn't have such items at home; computers, internet will this gravely impact their school performance and leave the child behind technologically? What do you think?

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You wrote "Children thrive on routine!"
Who says this? Whose opinion is this?
I would think, as an educator, that children could thrive on diversity and a wide range of experiences.
It is a complicated question as there are many different ways to raise a child. There may be many cultural assumptions concerning your questions that can be debated.

Concerning the second half of your writing...

As I too grew up with a Vic 20 and Commodore ...

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The agents of socialization are determined. The impact their school performances are determined.