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Literacy In The U.S. Today

So much of the world's information is at our fingertips these days and communication to the entire world can come in the blink of an eye. With all this access to so much information, has the literacy rate in the US increased over the past decades? Some say that it has decreased due to lack of personal interaction.

Gender-specific toys

Do you think that young children should be guided toward gender specific toys? Why or why not? To help exemplify gender schema theory, let's look at an example. Elena is a toddler enrolled in a neighborhood day care center. Elena's mother recently bought Elena a kitchen set and encourages her to play house with her younger si

Influence Of Peers In Childhood Development

The influence of peers during childhood can have a long lasting effect on a person throughout his/her life. Determine at least three different ways in which teachers and/or parents can intervene to help improve a child's social skills and relationship with peers.

Integrating math into other subject areas

I am looking for a few ways to integrate math concepts into various subject areas. I want to use Pi Day (March 14) specifically. Please help me come up with a list of 4-5 ideas for activities that could be done on this day in other classes, not just in math. I am really looking for "tried and true" ideas that someone with tea

The Three Facets of Economics

Part 1: How can Personal Economics, Consumer Economics, and Social Economics be introduced to students at an elementary level? I also need an example of a classroom activity/lesson that could be used to introduce each facet. Part 2: How can the above be related to the other social sciences? I also need some specific examp

Comparing Two Universities

I am writing a 1300 word paper comparing and contrasting two open universities Bangledesh open university(BOU) and (Unisa) University of South Africa. I need the following on each mission and population served, history/reason for existence, values espoused/inherent to the institution, organization/systems of operation, model of

Agents Of Socialization

Children thrive on routine! What if a parent doesn't implement structure and boundaries? What can the outcome be. Siblings are a great socializing agent. What is the sibling relationship isn't healthy? What impact can that have? How would you as a parent, work to correct it? I remember floppy disks too! My family got I b

Mentor's Guide Five Strategies for Facilitating Learning

The Mentor's Guide lists five specific strategies for facilitating learning (asking questions, reformulating statements, summarizing, listening for silence, and listening reflectively). Discuss any of these strategies with which you are familiar, as well as your experience with the ease of the strategies' use and effectivenes

Instructional Plan for Online Training

1. Give a description of a learning climate that you would create for online training. How would this enhance the learners' motivation? 2. Describe the specific program/learning objectives for online training. 3. Describe the specific learning experiences/learning objectives for online learning - E.g., case studies, simula

Ecological Model

How did the microsystem that you grew up in differ from your grandparents' microsystem? Do you think this is a detrimental or an affirmative change to society as a whole? How do you think technology, specifically social media, influences a child's mesosystems?

Being successful

Provide a brief response to each of the questions below: 1. Do you always have to be professional or can you mirror the group or culture you are in? 2. What are signs of a successful mentoring or coaching relationship? 3. In what ways have you changed how you interact with others as a result of becoming a mentor? 4.

Handling Situations a Coach Might Face During Instruction

Provide a brief response to each of the questions below: 1. How do you coach someone and get them involved if they are not motivated to improve in this area? 2. Explain how you would resolve differences between your coaching style and the person(s) being mentored learning styles if these differences arose. 3. Explain ho


Consider the Haitian natural disaster: This is the Haiti catastrophic earthquakes that happen in sep. 2010. 1. Propose one example of a nursing intervention related to the disaster from each of the following levels: primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. Provide innovative examples that have not b

Black Market Organ Transplants

Do you see people selling their organs for economical reasons? People in India and Africa may do it for monetary reasons. What are your thoughts about the organ black market? Included is a link to a reference source for further investigation of the topic of black market organ transplants.

SIOP® Model - Discussion with Administrators

What new topics will you expect to discuss with administrators who are implementing the SIOP® Model for teacher evaluation? What steps will you take in order to prepare for the evaluation process as a classroom teacher?

Mentoring Relationship

1. One of the four phases of the mentoring relationship is the need for closure. Why is closure sometimes difficult to attain? What can be done to support this process overall? 2. Please see the following quotes and share how this thought connects to the Objectives: stages of mentoring, create awareness, Establish realistic

Cultural diversity on campus

Consider the community where you live and the cultural diversity present. Who could you invite to your campus that could provide positive cultural role models for your students? If your community is not culturally diverse, do you feel the need to "bring in" culturally diverse people and opinions? Why/why not? Do you feel it i

The Great Leaps Program

Please help coming up with 10 questions (5 overachieving, 5 topical). The Effects of Reading Fluency Instruction on the Academic and Behavioral Success of Middle School Students in a Self-Contained EBD Classroom. By: Scott, Terrance M., Shearer-Lingo, Amy, Preventing School Failure, 1045988X, Summer2002, Vol. 46, Issue 4 T

Qualitative Design Chart: Information Literacy

Researchers have a variety of research designs from which to choose within the qualitative methodologies. I have to create a chart where I list the different designs that I might consider for a qualitative study and the type of data collection you might include. For instance, I might list case studies for the design, and intervi

Common Assessments or Benchmarks

With regards to assessments, have you heard of common assessments or benchmarks? How does subject matter or grade level determine which assessment the group of teachers will use? These assessments are typically used in specific grade levels or subjects.

Valid and Reliable Assessments

How does a teacher determine if an assessment is valid and reliable? Are teacher made tests usually valid and reliable? Here is a scenario for you to consider: A teacher tells the class they are going to take a test and that they need to clear their desk. The teacher hands out the test and then tells the class, "For questi

Integrating Science and Mathematics

1) Individual: a) Benchmark Assessment: Integrating Science and Mathematics i) Create a unit of study integrating science and math content of fractions, decimals, and/or percents. ii) Ensure you have listed each of the science (NSES)) and math (NCTM) standards to include learning goals and objectives. iii) Create the unit o

The importance of teaching effectively

Dear OTA, I am working on a project in which I want to illustrate the the magnitude of how important it is to achieve higher education, regardless of the route of teaching (i.e. virtual-online, on campus directed study). Can you assist with explaining the imperative mature nature of the how the instructor builds student up a

Three signs of abuse and neglect

As an early childhood educator, you are responsible for keeping children safe, as well as serving as a mandated reporter. This means that if child abuse or neglect is suspected, you are legally responsible for notifying the appropriate authorities. In order to effectively determine if a child has been abused or neglected, there

Environmental Issue

Present a detailed discussion concerning a current environmental issue (e.g., indoor air pollution, outdoor air pollution, water sanitation, water shortage, food sanitation, direct or indirect food additives, noise, radiation, garbage, biohazards, occupational hazards) that is impacting the populations of the world and public he

Increased Anxiety and Learning

Journal 2: Learning Reflection Reflecting on the required video, Stages of Language Development, ponder the "wait time" that the teacher in the video used. Do you believe she provided enough wait time for students? How do you personally react to wait time, either when you were in school or in the workplace? Does the increased

Government Regulations Technology Development

As medical technology develops, government regulation and organizations are preparing to monitor such activities. For example, the designer baby - I believe that what makes us all special is the fact that we are all different. Thinking, looking ,and feeling differently from one another is what makes each one of us make this worl

Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA)

How would you prepare to discuss a student's AZELLA results with an ELL coordinator at the student's school? If the student scored low in speaking, how would you plan on incorporating that skill in your daily routine, lesson design, and delivery?