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Success an Excess

Thelin (2011) mentioned that from World War I to World War II, university and college enrollments increased dramatically. However, the retention of students presented a challenge during this time period. College administrators had some difficulty managing students because of the expanded number of students being enrolled.

Discuss the role and responsibilities of faculty members during this time. How have these roles and responsibilities changed today? How have these stayed the same? Do you think that college administrators and faculty members did the best they could to retain their students? Why or why not? What could they have done better?

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As during any period of time the role and responsibilities of faculty members during this time was to ensure that the overall educational experience of the students was of the highest quality possible. In accomplishing this task, the administrative faculty members were charged with ensuring that the students were able to enroll in their classes in an efficient and effective manner, as well as to ensure that the scheduling of classes and other University activities was conducted in a coordinated and efficient manner, in order to reduce the ...