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Characteristics of a successful intervention

What do you think are the five most important characteristics of a successful intervention? Which intervention would you select for cognitive support or direct instruction?

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Some of the characteristics of a successful intervention are (1):

1. Small group instruction (or individual early intervention) in addition to regular classroom curriculum ensures that a child is receiving the amount of individual attention that is needed.

2. Reading comprehension can also be considered reading for meaning. This is when the child monitors their own reading to ensure that what they are reading actually makes sense. They are also taught strategies for correcting errors that detract from the meaning.

3. Small pupil-to-teacher ratio also allows each child to receive more individual instruction and can be monitored in a more productive manner.

4. Building fluency helps students to recognize words rapidly and more accurately, ...

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Discusses some of the characteristics of what constitutes a successful intervention and which could be used for direct instruction or cognitive support.