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Mental Health Counseling: Health Status

John's Case Study:
John is a 51-year-old African-American man with Type 2 diabetes, diagnosed 4 years ago. John weighs 270 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. John has also been diagnosed with hypertension. John's physician tells him that if he does not lose weight, he will likely develop a severe case of cardiovascular disease. He has struggled with managing his lifestyle—most notably his diet and exercise—all of his life. After John became insulin dependent, he became very depressed and gained an additional 30 pounds.

If John were your client, what else would you like to know about him?
What might explain aspects of his personality in relationship to his health status and lifestyle decisions?

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The aspects of John personality are that of many African Americans who choose to continue eating negatively after being diagnosed with a debilitating disease. John most likely eats a diet high in pork and depending on his economic status may have not been able to incorporate healthy eating throughout his life. I would like to know John's socioeconomic background and his capability to fund a ...

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The mental health counseling for health status is examined.