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    Creative and Critical Thinking

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    • Describe how you will investigate a problem and issue in your life.
    • Attempt to resolve these issues by creating potential solutions.

    Use the following questions to develop your paper and help you create a solution

    • Describe how you are going to conduct the research necessary to solve the problem and issue? What sources of information will you use?
    • How will you work out the details of your solution to your problem? How will you refine your solution so that it can withstand other people's criticism?
    • How will you decide what action should be taken, and how will you recognize and overcome difficulties?

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    The problem that I have in my professional life is how to transform my small business from a regional outfit to a global resale business. I have investigated these issues by reviewing the potential benefits that will be obtained through the restructuring of my business that can potentially drastically change my personal wealth. This will necessitate the creation of solutions that will be predicated upon several virtues that must be exhibited by me including a visionary leadership, the ability to possess the charisma necessary for ...

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    The expert describes how to investigate problems and issues in life. The research necessary to solve a problem is described.