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Jillian's case study - Mental Health Counseling

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Review Jillian's Case Study and ensure you have read the articles listed in the studies activity.
Answer the following questions:
- If Jillian were your client, what else would you like to know about her?
- Based on the articles you read, what might explain aspects of her personality in relationship to her health status and lifestyle decisions?

These are the articles:
Faer, Hendriks, Abed, and Figueredo's "The Evolutionary Psychology of Eating Disorders: Female Competition for Mates or for Status?"

Martin-Ginis and Leary's "Single, Physically Active, Female: The Effects of Information About Exercise Participation and Body Weight on Perceptions of Young Women."

Jillian's Case Study:
Jillian is a 32-year-old single, Caucasian woman who works as an Associate Editor for a book publisher in New York City. She weighs 112 pounds and she is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She frequents the New York City club scene and tends to overindulge in alcohol, especially on the weekends. She attributes this overindulgence to the heavy demands of her job. Jillian also attributes not having time to eat to her busy work schedule. However, Jillian finds plenty of time to exercise. She participates in some type of aerobic exercise 6 days a week, often for 2 hours at a time.

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The expert examines mental health counseling for Jillian's case study.

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I would like to know if Jillian is satisfied with her body or whether she believes that her body is not attractive even though she appears in very good shape for her height and body mass. I would ascertain that her personality in relationship to health status and lifestyle decisions is based upon competition for mates against other females. The article "The evolutionary psychology of eating disorders: female competition for mates or for status?" posits that females engage ...

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