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Needs of clients with mental health concerns

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Please assist me with coming up with three or more examples of multiple needs that clients may have with regard to mental health or substance-related issues/concerns and career development and explain the interplay between the two. Then describe some of the specific challenges that you as a counselor may encounter in working with such clients and explain how you might address them.

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The needs of clients with mental health concerns are examined.

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Hi There,
In this particular task, you are being asked to discuss multiple needs in relation to mental health and career development. I suggest focusing on issues like comorbidity for interplay as well as needs in terms of social and professional support. I suggest using this simple outline:

1. Career Counseling and mental health -150 words
2. Mental health (likely issues) - 150 words
3. Drugs/Substance Abuse - 100 words
4. Counseling Challenges - 100 words

This outline should yield around 500 words which should cover what you need. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further help. Good luck and all the best with your studies.

Career Counselling & Mental Health

The primary purpose of career counselors is to help, support, provide advise and guidance to people who find themselves in complex situations in relation to careers, work and employment. It could be a high school senior planning a career path so as to identify the college studies he/she must take to get there, it could be a currently employed individual unhappy with the way his career or job is turning out to be, it could be a new graduate trying to find employment or it could be an individual newly-made redundant due to company shrinkage and cuts. It could be all these and more and the reasons vary from person to person. What is true in all cases is that those that come for help are those that need coaching and counseling to help them get through the issues that impede personal development. When individuals come to career counselors, they seek their expertise because they are going through issues and challenges they cannot manage on their own. Many of these issues are psychologically-driven including ...

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