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challenges in human service

What questions must a human service organization ask when determining its budget?

What are some of the work with measuring client outcomes? How might information systems help in this regard?

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A human services organization is just like any organization in that it has to follow management functions and principles. Successful execution is partly reliant to a well thought out organization design. Part of the design concerns of an organization has to deal with resource management and a main concern of resource management is Budget. Simply put, it is a planned list of expenses and revenues. Specialist organizations have particular concerns and items necessary - in forms of services or products in their budget for materials and purchases necessary to their function and concerns. Revenues being included in the budget provide a picture of monies going in and out. Specific details from taxation, salaries and other related fees are also listed under particular headings from operational expense, to emergency and petty cash. Now exactly what questions should be asked by those designing and determining the budget when they design it? I think the following should cover the basics:

1. Revenue Source - where are they coming from? Is it from a form of supported government funding? Do they come from private donations? Is the organization a for-profit human services agency that earns its own keep by providing a particular service to a particular clientele? If so, what kind of services and products ...

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