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Role of Operations Management

DQ -1

Compare and contrast the role of operations management in both the goods/materials industry and in service-related industry. What are the "key" resources in each and what are the challenges capacity planning for each?

DQ 2

If a product meets the customers' specifications but does not meet their expectations, is the product acceptable? How can an organization manage expectations to ensure that products are acceptable to the customer or end user? Can you give an example of product that you felt met specifications but did not meet your expectations and what if anything was your response?

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Role of Operations Management

Answer 1

Role of Operations Management

Operations management assists in managing the practices of the business organizations related to the activities of production, such as human resource, material, money, technologically equipped machines and equipments. It is essential for all kinds of industries to focus on managing the production and operations department effectively for attaining benefits from the market. Operations management also assists the business organizations to attain a competitive advantage, strategic decision making regarding capacity planning as well as scheduling, controlling inventory and quality management (Shim & Siegel, 1999).

Similarities and Dissimilarities

In the goods/materials related industry and service related industry, operations management helps in taking strategic decisions regarding customer satisfaction, managing human resource, managing material requirement, technological requirements, etc. Operations management is essential for both kinds of industries because it assists in managing the operations within a well defined plan. Both the industries require quality management as well as timeliness for effectively fulfilling the needs and preferences of the customers. It is due to the reason that both products and services are required to be of good quality.

But, there exists some dissimilarity in the operations management of goods/materials related industry and service related industry. Goods/materials related industry involves the physical ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 831 Words, APA References