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    Role of Operations Management

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    Please help me write the following:

    a. Choose an organization for this assignment from one with which you are familiar.

    b. Prepare a 700-1,050-word paper in which you explain operations management's role in business today. Be sure to include the following:

    * Define operations management.
    * Explain how Operations Management's role is applied to your chosen organization.

    Please cite your sources.

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    //Prior to understand the role of the Operations Management in today's business scenario; it is better to describe the 'Concept of the Operations Management' to make the reader understand its role, clearly. In this series, the first section of the discussion is giving the introduction of the concept under the heading of Operations Management.//

    Operations Management

    It is the part of business which is related to the production of services and goods. Resources, proper distribution of goods and services are managed by the operations management. It is concerned with an aggregate production planning, materials supply, inventory cost, and quality management; and maintenance of the plant and other equipments. (Kazmi, 2002)

    Planning criteria in Operations Management

    The aim of the operations management is to see how efficiently the resources are utilized and in what manner the day-to-day operations could be managed in the light of long term objectives. The demands of competitive marketing have put immense pressure on the operations planning and control within the companies. New variations and different pack sizes make it difficult for the companies to cope with variety. (Kazmi, 2002)Then, there is a continual challenge of producing better and cheaper products to achieve the organizational objectives.

    The organization I have chosen is Siemens AG. Siemens AG is one of the leading companies in the world operating in the conglomerates industry. It is headquartered in Munich, Germany and is listed on NYSE. Products offered are in communication systems, power generation, lighting, medical ...

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