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    Alcohol Treatment Program

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    Counselors should use appropriate treatment strategies when working with clients experiencing addictions. Selected interventions should be appropriate to the needs of the client and be grounded in a theoretical and/or empirical basis. Therefore, counselors should carefully develop assessment and treatment plans to help them gather information about the client's unique background characteristics and guide them in their work with these clients.

    To prepare for this Assignment, select one addiction from the DSM. Then think about how you might assess and treat this addiction.

    The Assignment (2- to 3-page paper):

    Develop a treatment and assessment plan for the addiction you selected. Be sure to include potential presenting problems a client might have (i.e., mental health symptoms and relationship concerns), strategies you might use to assess these concerns (e.g., standardized instruments of interview strategies), and treatment goals in your plan.
    Support the elements of your plan with evidence-based research.

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    This treatment and assessment plan is for alcohol addiction, which will have to be a highly adaptive treatment and assessment program due to the fact that clients may have a variety of mental health conditions, due to the damage that has been caused to the brain by high levels of alcohol consumption. These individuals may have symptoms of paranoia, schizophrenia, dementia, and a host of other mental health issues that have been brought about by this heavy alcohol consumption. The strategy that I would utilize to address these psychological concerns would include having each patient to undergo a written psychological examination in order to help to determine their level of mental functioning at the beginning of treatment. Furthermore, I would seek to have each of these individuals to be examined by a mental health professional if possible, as well. Another very important concern would be the state of the relationships that these individuals have with their families and or marriage partners etc., due to the fact that these relationships can often be strained due to the detrimental behavior that is exhibited by individuals of that are addicted to alcohol. The strategy that I would ...

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