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    Rehabilitation for a Minor with a DUI and Possession Charge

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    Tony was a 16-year-old juvenile who was picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of marijuana. He was evaluated and taken to juvenile detention.

    When speaking to the juvenile justice probation officer, Tony stated that drinking and marijuana was not a serious issue and that his parents did it all the time. With this statement, the juvenile probation officer realized that this was not a one-time thing and that it was related to an unhealthy home environment. The decision was made to send Tony to a treatment program.

    - What methods and techniques would be useful in a juvenile rehabilitation program to help Tony? Explain in detail.
    - Do you believe that Tony's family should be part of this treatment? Why or why not?
    - Would he still be living in his home environment, or would he go into some type of halfway house? Fully explain your reasoning.
    - What would be the potential repercussions of allowing Tony to live at home? Explain.
    - What would be the potential repercussions of forcing Tony to live away from home? Explain.

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    - What methods and techniques would be useful in a juvenile rehabilitation program to help Tony? Explain in detail.

    The methods that would assist Tony in his recovery would entail counseling, family counseling, and treatment for his addiction. Personal counseling for Tony would allow him to identify what issues in his family are causing him to choose the use of drugs, which he identified as a regular occurrence with his family members but doesn't explain why he has chosen a similar path. Included within the personal one-on-one counseling for Tony would be education about the dangers of drug abuse and drug use. The extent that the drug use has on a not yet fully developed brain (teenagers), and how addiction could lead to further criminal problems for him later in life. The next step in the counseling process would necessitate family counseling to ascertain if what Tony has said about his family using drugs is actually true. Just because a teenager makes a statement about family members using drugs doesn't mean that this statement is true.

    Therefore, the family will have to be a part of the rehabilitation program to assess if they are smoking marijuana and drinking heavily. The reality is that many people drink alcohol because it is a legal drug and many parents facilitate drinking of alcohol for their minor children. It isn't legal but it is a reality and most police departments will not appropriate resources toward a minor drinking alcohol at home in the presence of his or her parents. In addition, marijuana is a widely used drug but it is illegal. If the ...

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    The rehabilitation for a minor with a DUI and possession charges are examined.