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Changes in child development

Life as we know it will change for the next generation, and those changes must be accounted for in child development. Nowadays, television and media, the changing nuclear family, and new parenting styles play a large part in the life of a child. Research tells us that viewing violent television programs or playing violence-themed games contributes to increased aggressiveness in children. We also know that the break-up of the nuclear family and "super-parenting" can have detrimental effects on a child's emotional and social development. It may sound difficult, but as a caregiver, you will need to find the positive influences that can enhance development and learning in all situations. Explain what you can do to help prevent the negative influences of media, parenting, and the nuclear family, and ensure their positive influence on child growth and development. Share your own beliefs about these three areas, and how you will avoid any personal bias in your approach.

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Possible personal beliefs about the following areas:
Media: The media has a strong influence on all age groups and especially on children and adolescents. Children are influenced by media messages because they are used to taking direction from the world of adults around them. Adolescents are influenced by media messages because they are struggling with their identities and want to fit in with "the norm." As this is the case, the media can potentially send damaging messages that manipulate young people.

Parenting: The role of a parent is one of the most significant in a child's life. Research has shown that children are more likely to be influenced by their parent(s) ...