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    The Bush Doctrine

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    I need help with a discussion about the Bush doctrine. This was a political principle articulated by President George W. Bush in which he declared America's right to fight a "pre-emptive war" against any nation that, one day, might threaten the United States.

    My questions for you are: Take a moment, and defend this as a valid policy for America to enforce. Is it our right to protect our nation in this manner? What are the limitations of such a policy, or how can we assure the world we would be fair and just? What does "one day" mean? Should this naturally extend to our allies...including Israel?

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    The use of Bush's policy is an attempt to protect American interests by pre-emptively acting upon any intelligence or inferences that a hostile nation has the intent to attack or harm America. This policy is effective in giving the illusion of protection by creating a sense of security but America doesn't have any ...

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