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    Are pre-emptive attacks justified?

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    Preemptive Strikes

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    Do we have the right to attack on a preemptive basis? What do you see as the standards we should use in making that decision? Do you think other nations have the same right and what standards should they use?

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    Do we have the right to attack on a preemptive basis?

    International law permits pre-emptive self-defence when a threat is serious and looming close (Gorener, 2012).In such a case, the victim cannot wait till the attack has started. The Bush government however did not follow this principle. The National Security strategy of USA reserves the right to attack pre-emptively without an immediate major threat. When the war on Iraq was launched, the threat was at best highly subjective and without the requisite standard of proof required for a preemptive attack.

    However Bush made a forceful case for such attacks by saying in an address "Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants ...

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    The paper looks at the standards that justify pre-emptive attacks of one nation against another. It looks at the case of the US attack on Iraq and goes on to question whether other nations possess the same rights as the US to make pre-emptive attacks.