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Causes and Effects

In this exercise, the effects were given, but the causes had to be determined. I need help to ensure that the causes are correct:

Cause: Using horses made it easier to do pull travois
Effect: Plains indians used horses to pull travois instead of dogs
to pull travois.

Cause: The Indians needed shelter
Effect: Plains Indians built homes with earth or buffalo hides

Cause: The Indians needed shelter, clothing and other items
Effect: Buffalo were used to make tepees, clothing, blankets, and bowls

Cause: Horses became important to other tribes too
Effect: Sometimes tribes raided other tribes for their horses.

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In regard to these four causes and effect issues, let me give you some helpful suggestions:

1) If the cause is that using horses made it easier to do pull travois, you want to focus your effect on what happened as a result. Ok, they used horses instead of dogs, but that is not really telling the entire story. What happened to the efficiency? Since ...

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