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    Stress Effects on the Excretory and Reproductive Systems

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    Stress Effects on the Excretory and Reproductive Systems
    Background on Stress
    What is stress?
    Stress is when there is a deviation in our mind and the way we feel that is different from a normal state.
    The American Psychological Association defines stress as the abnormal mental and emotional state resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium
    The term "stress" was coined in 1936 by Hans Selye, a pioneering Austrian-Canadian endocrinologist, who defined it as "the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change".(Tovian et.al APA 2015)
    Stress is a homeostatic or natural mechanism that our bodies use to respond to challenging situations such as imminent danger etc. This response is usually referred to as a 'fight-or-flight' response and occurs when a human or other living subject is faced with danger (Krantz et.al 2011)

    When one is stressed, they feel either pressed in a tight corner which allows them little room to escape or they may feel trapped, or like they are shouldering a very heavy load of problems for which there is no solution.
    This makes them to feel tense and to worry continuously.
    When this happens the hypothalamus (The part of the brain that controls the functioning of cells and organs through the production of hormones. These functions include mood, sleep, thirst, hunger) signals the autonomic nervous system ...

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    Stress causes a wide range of effects to the body systems including the reproductive and excretory systems.
    This solution provides a guide on the background on stress and the physiological basis of the effects that stress causes on the two systems.
    References have been inluded for the student's further research.