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    Addressing Bias in Intelligence Testing Triarchic Theory

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    Daniel, an eight-year-old child from a poor, inner-city neighborhood, is given a traditional IQ test. One section of the IQ test involves defining various words. "Yacht" is one of the words that Daniel is asked to define. Briefly discuss why the test administrator should be cautious when interpreting Daniel's performance on this test. How does the triarchic theory potentially counter this bias? Develop and share three questions, one for each component of the triarchic theory (analytic, creative, and practical), that would provide a more accurate representation of Daniel's intelligence.

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    The Triarchic Theory of Intelligence is a way of understanding one's intelligence based on his or her sociocultural context. It is highly unlikely that an impoverished child, like Daniel, would have ever encountered a yacht in his experience, thus concluding from his lack of knowledge of this word that he is of lesser intelligence would be revealing a bias toward wealthier children who have had experiences with an expensive lifestyle that includes yachts.
    The Triarchic Theory attempts to eradicate such biases by capitalizing on one's strengths and compensating for ...