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Understanding Courage to Teach

I read Parker Palmer's "Courage to Teach," but don't quite understand what he's getting at. Can you walk me through some of the main points of the text?

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Parker Palmer, author of "The Courage to Teach," takes instructors on a journey within and invites them to further edify their craft by basking in authentic teaching. So often we - teachers - find ourselves trying to walk in the shoes of those who have come before us, all the while losing ourselves in the process and forgetting that if we are to truly be happy, it may require us stray from the beaten path and do something different. The issue is that we've been coaxed into believing that being different causes angst, challenges authority and just flat out causes problems. But surely this isn't so, if being different can somehow save a life, inspire others or fuel personal growth.

Palmer explains that from the time we exit the womb, we set out on a journey to learn from ...

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The author of this excerpt responds to Parker Palmer's "Courage to Teach" and relates many of his philosophies to real world encounters that both teachers and students experience in the classroom.