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    Developmentally appropriate learning curriculum

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    I have obtained a position as a student teacher and have been given the opportunity to create a plan for a preschool. The lead teacher wants me to create a weeklong plan that, in accordance to this school, subscribes to the statements in the position statement of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. I need a weeklong plan that incorporates language arts and/or math in the 7 areas we call labs (art lab, dramatic play lab, science lab, etc.). I have a wonderful group and I am trying to impress my co-teacher. We have a wonderful group of children that is diverse, including some children who have special needs because we have an inclusive program. There are 15 three and four year olds but she gave me charge over 7 and I need all the help I can get. The curriculum we use is HighScope. I have read on it but not practiced it. I am familiar with a research based practice called Curiosity. What is HighScope? Is its research based on what activities in the lab areas can be implemented into a weeklong curriculum plan?

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    HighScope Educational Research Foundation is the premiere researched based educational research foundation. It has been responsible for setting public policy on education in many different countries around the world. HighScope leads the world in early childhood research, development, training, and publishing organizations. This organization has been in existence since 1970 and focuses on interactive childhood curriculum programs that facilitate childhood learning through learning that necessitates children to participate as active learners in the learning process. For the purposes of YOUR class I will provide some suggestions to use in the lab in accordance with HighScope that will foster participation from the students in the lab. In addition, assessments that require reflection about their experiences must be incorporated into the lab.

    When using this program for YOUR program ensure that the children are treated as active learners who learn by initiating, planning, engaging, and using problem solving and resources in the lab environment.

    Suggestions for Labs:

    To incorporate language arts and literacy into the labs for YOUR program the following suggestions are given. Language, Literacy, and Communication:

    Comprehension: Children must understand language through the use of the language. If in Art Lab ensure that YOUR program allows the children to represent what they observe, think, imagine, and feel through two- and ...

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