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    Job Goal Achievements

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    Work: On an oil field as a spooler.

    Goal#1: Show up 10 minutes prior to work
    Goal#2: Complete a JSA on every location at work
    Goal#3: Wear proper PPE on every location at work

    To conserve space here, goal#1, goal#2 and goal#3 should follow the same pattern.

    1. Steps to achieve my goal.
    2. Obstacles to be overcome.
    3. What changes will take effect as a result of achieving this objective?
    4. Why is this goal important to me?

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    Goal#1: Show up 10 minutes prior to work
    This goal is a policy that can be carried out by the employee themselves. The policy may require the worker to show up 10 minutes prior to organize the next two goals.

    Goal#2: Complete a JSA on every location at work
    The completion of a JSA requires identifying all steps, hazards, and safe work procedures before starting the job. This represents a multi-step process, which dictates that the first goal would be wise (showing up at work ten minutes early).

    The JSA process is a multi-step process:

    Basic Job Steps:
    First YOU should break the spooling job into a sequence of steps. Each step must accompany a major task associated with work as an oil spooler consisting of a series of movements. Each series of movements is subsequently looked at within that basic task.

    Potential Hazards:
    This enables identification of hazards or potential hazards emanating from each basic step, and YOU must ensure that your identification process is effectively carried out. View the entire environment to gauge every possible source of ...

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