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Most Valuable Intrinsic Motivators

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Which intrinsic motivators do you value the most and why?

What are some of the characteristics of work itself that can be inherently motivating (e.g., variety, challenge, decision-making authority, pride in ownership, sense of progress, closure, or customer interface)?

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The solution discusses which intrinsic motivators are most valuable. An analysis of what characteristics of work can be inherently motivation.

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Intrinsic motivators valued most
Newstrom and Davis (1997) define intrinsic motivators as internal rewards that a person feels when performing a job. Such motivators would make the person self- motivated. An example of this motivator is a personal satisfaction that a person gets for a job well done or a sense of completion. Other intrinsic motivators include a doing the task right or being able to create something out of the performance of the job.
People vary in terms of the degree by which they value the intrinsic motivators depending on certain factors such as interests, position, and past achievements. A person whose interest is in being able to create something new or something different would value a job that would ...

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