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Organizational Behavior and Motivation

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The job of a fire fighter involves being in contrasting situations. In times of disaster, the job is challenging and exciting, while the sense of pride and status is high. At other times, she or he may feel ignored. While fighting fires there is intense activity, but between fires, the job can be tedious, boring, routine, and there is some inactivity. Do you think that this could possibly affect fire fighters' behavior and performance? Substantiate your views with examples. As a supervisor of a fire station, what would you do to deal with the negative effects? What is the one most important factor that can significantly raise the level of employee motivation?

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The solution discusses organizational behavior and motivation. The possible affects on fire fighters' behavior and performance is given.

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Motivation typically comes in two forms: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivators are those which are intangible, such as wanting to help others. Extrinsic motivators are the tangible rewards such as money and bonuses. Motivators drive job satisfaction. Ultimately, depending on which the staff are more motivated by, different strategies may be more effective at promoting morale and productivity.

As a result, stagnation and boredom are ...

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