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Different Training Methods for Different Learner Types

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Do you believe that different learners respond differently to various training methods? Do some learners respond better to group training and some better to individualized training? Describe the circumstances of a training experience you did not feel was beneficial. Do you feel it was because of the training method or your motivation to learn?

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The following posting helps discuss different training methods for different learner types.

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I think you may want to approach this question from various angles.

I suggest you include these elements in your answer:

1. Do you believe that different learners respond differently to various training methods?

Individuals learn in different ways and different modalities. You will want to look at Multiple Intelligence by Howard Gardner and give examples of how you can break down a topic to include all learners. For example, I taught a unit on St Lucia and immersed 5th-grade students in the St Lucian music; students made musical instruments out of paper mache in the style of tropical fruit, they designed their own brochure etc. Some of this was done in groups and some of it was done in pairs and individually. Assessment sometimes included differentiation by outcome or by rubric. All students were hands-on and engaged. Furthermore, ...

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