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A teacher as a learner

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Think of the last time you were in a training program for your organization. Choose once specific program where you participated as a teacher as a learner. What types of learning principles did the training program use: operant conditioning, classical conditioning or social learning? Be specific.

Write ONE post analyzing your own experience. Your post should be set up to read something like, "In my program we had to learn how to give a talk to a group of people. My organization used social learning. We simply observed others and were expected to learn from them. I believe this method was effective because.."

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During my first year of teaching science I was asked to take part in a half-day district wide workshop for science teachers. These were held at several schools within the school district. Several veteran teachers and experienced administrators held this workshop where social learning methods were primarily used. Three other teachers and I had to observe the teaching of various science lessons that fourth grade students needed to know in order to perform well on the statewide science test that was to be held that May. There were two science teachers in the school where we were observing. The teachers were seasoned science teachers and we were asked ...

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This solution describes a situation where a teacher participated as a learner. The solution describes my experience when I participated in a training programs that helped me and other science teachers prepare student for the upcoming statewide science test.