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Organizations that Influence Curriculum Decisions

I need some help finding professional organizations that influence curriculum decisions. Could you please give met names, links, and summaries of purpose for at least three?

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(1) State department of education: This would depend on your state. Just search under your state and department of education. For example, my state is Oklahoma. So mine would be Oklahoma State Department of Education at www.ok.gov/sde/. The purpose of this department is to guide education for their own individual state. They set standards for the No Child Left Behind Act in their state and create mandates that the schools in the state must follow in order to receive state funding. They offer education for teachers and administrators in ways to provide leadership for the students as well as assistance for parents.

(2) U.S. Department of Education: This agency works to create policies that will enhance education throughout the United ...

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There are many organizations that can influence the decisions in academic curriculum. Some of these are the US Department of Education, Association of teacher educators, and national teachers association to name a few.