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    Developmental Characteristics of a Group of Children

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    Select an age group of young children (0-2, 3-5, 6-8). Using your text and at least one additional resource, describe how developmental characteristics of this group influence curriculum decisions to best meet their needs and interests. Be sure to address the following areas of development: Physical, Socio-Emotional, and Cognitive. Within your response, give two to three examples of what surprised you and what confirmed your personal observations. In addition, complete the interactive game below that reviews accommodations for students with special needs and include ideas in your post that apply to the age group you suggested.

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    When working with young children of the ages between 0 and 2 the developmental characteristics are learning to crawl, walk, talk, grasp, smile and frown. Infants are just beginning to be social beings. They liked to be social. Curriculum for infant ...

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    This article is about how developmental characteristics are the same and different in groups of children.